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last summer I was doing depth testing using readers digest books, each book is 1.5" thick and i was stacking them and depth testing , then i went to grab a book and it fell out of my handand a book marker fel out  on the book marker it said  (THE REAL VOYAGE OF DISCOVERY CONSISTS NOT IN SEEKING  NEW LANDCAPES, BUT IN HAVING NEW EYES")  I was upset that day because i had no car and could not go detecting  just stuck hear and i wanted to get out to a good spot and use my detector -- but i felt this was a prophecey  that i would make a good find right hear  on this land , but i wondered how could that be  as i have searched it for 4 years and had not even found 1 silver coin  not one  so i just left the metal detector figuring its no use , I grabbed my lesh knife to practice digging plugs without damiging the grass,  then i went for a walk  and it had rained badly the day before well i was goin gdown the dirt road on the farm hear and when i got to the top of the hill  i seen somthing shiny  like a aluminum tabb, I picked it up and thear was a lady sitting down and a date 1879 i just freeked a seated dime and i found it without my detector  the 1st silver ever on this barren farm i figured hay its worth 15.00 or so  but then i looked it up  it was a rare date because from 1879,80,81 they used most of the silver for the new morgans in the worst condition its value was 150.00 and only 15.000 minted  WOW  so God cheered me up with that  and it is a fitting simbole that salvation is not by works  but by Gods free Gift thru faith in Jesus christ.  I am aslo in another dry spell I have only found 1 good thing this year a 1 cent token  again i dont get out much because of other obligations  but somtimes its good to be diprived for a time  that way when you do find somthing  its so nice and you really are thankfull for it

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Great story and very true words. 3N1 Brother

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Gunnar ,
As FST said great story, I like your openness, we need more openness in this world.
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