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Hi guys,
            anyone any ideas on this bronze object weighing about 3.5 once's and 8.5 cm long.
Seems to represent a wild boar,with incised lines down its back, holes as eyes but no obvious fixing point except one small hole on the underside,which could just be casting fault.
Found by a mate on a field that produced very little.It got the look and feel of being of some age,medieval,roman or even earlier.
Anyone found or seen any thing like it's yet to be seen by our FLO.

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Randy Dee

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Hello John

It has a Celtic look about it, I once found a Celtic figurine it was the crudest blob of bronze with four lumps for the limbs and a bigger lump for the head.


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It looks like an early Bronze Age casting to me as we'll.could be worth taking it to you local FLO a positive ID.

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Thanks Randy,thanks Lee,
                                    I think i would agree with you about the age,thought it could of been Roman at first,but as you both point out it does look rather crude in its design.
                                                                      thanks guys

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Got to agree with the celtic theory it could very well be a mount of an helmet crest  I sure the boar is a celitic symbol associated with warfare

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Hi Dai,
         i like the the mount for a helmet theory,i think it will be going to our local FLO soon,many thanks.


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Most definitely celtic great find.

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Hi jethro,
             we are going back to the field when the rough plough has had time to settle or the farmer seeds it,but it does seem to be an isolated find,still we can hope.

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that thing looks really old
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