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The BLISSTOOL metal detectors are developed and manufactured in Bulgaria by Ahmed Merchev and his company BLISSTOOL, which is especially created for this purpose and is fully specialized in the field of metal detecting. His parent company KIBERTRON is specialized in the field of robotics and its purpose is creation of humanoid robots with unprecedented characteristics and opportunities, which includes development and implementation of a whole host of innovative technologies and products.
Ahmed Merchev is founder and owner of BLISSTOOL and KIBERTRON. In fact, Ahmed Merchev is the developer of all BLISSTOOL metal detectors and gave the names of them all, and of BLISSTOOL and KIBERTRON in general.
For development of BLISSTOOL metal detectors are studied in detail the electronic circuits and the base technologies of all available metal detectors on the planet. In order to use their experience, Ahmed Merchev took the best of them , improved it, invented many new things and so BLISSTOOL acquired its own unique style and personality.
In order of development:
Number 00: Basic Research and Development (R§D) in the period 2000 - 2006.
Development and testing of a several early prototypes. In 2007, BLISSTOOL
is born.
Number 01: BLISSTOOL LTC27
Number 02: BLISSTOOL LTC42
Number 03: BLISSTOOL LTC48
Number 04: BLISSTOOL LTC48 v1
Number 05: BLISSTOOL LTC48 v2
Number 07: BLISSTOOL LTC48X v1
Number 08: BLISSTOOL LTC48X v2
Number 09: BLISSTOOL LTC64 v1
Number 10: BLISSTOOL LTC64 v2
Number 11: BLISSTOOL LTC64X v1
Number 12: BLISSTOOL LTC64X v2
Number 13: BLISSTOOL LTC64X v2i
Number 14: BLISSTOOL LTC64X v3
Each subsequent BLISSTOOL LTC model metal detector is better than the previous one. This is the reason to terminate the series production of most older models in the presence of a new model. As can see, the development of BLISSTOOL metal detectors consists of a solid foundation and build gradually, step by step. This is the result of great efforts, inventions, experience and desire to create the best extreme depth discriminating all-terrain metal detector. This is the idea of ​​LTC series. It is implemented based on: Ahmed Merchev know-how and his diverse experience in the field of electronics, robotics, cybernetics and metal detecting; close cooperation with professional treasure hunters; and thanks to the capacity and the efforts of all BLISSTOOL team.
 Now (2012), Ahmed Merchev is 28 years old. His interest and practice in the above-described areas since early childhood. Ahmed Merchev founded KIBERTRON in 2002, and BLISSTOOL in 2007. Now (2012), the professional experience of Ahmed Merchev on the above-described areas, mainly in KIBERTRON and BLISSTOOL, consists of more than 12 years continuous hard work as: initiator, founder, owner, inventor, project creator, project manager, team creator, team leader, chief designer, chief manager, chief R&D manager and carrier rocket for the base created by BLISSTOOL and KIBERTRON. This is not easy, but as he says his work is his hobby and he is happy. This is his dream come true. BLISSTOOL and KIBERTRON are primarily result of the power of the dreams.
As a concept, BLISSTOOL LTC64X is designed:
- to have excellent depth of detection in all conditions!;
- to be used on any type of terrains;
- to can change its behavior: whether to be "noisy" or completely "silent";
- to have expanded opportunities for setting of the discrimination and
ground balance;
- to successfully detect coin placed into ceramics, stones and rocks;
- to successfully detect coins in highly mineralized terrains;
- to have good depth of detection, not only to copper but also to silver
and gold objects;
- to have high detection speed and high recovery speed and at the same
time to have good stability.

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