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The spot was an old football field and is still used for that , the grass is really well kept , so when my battery went dead on the pro pointer  i had to move on to a sand lot , but the bliss was working flawlessly I set the DD at 8 and DL at 4 and threshold at 5 manual GB  DTat 1I could tell all Iron nails  but could not help but dig a few, I like to clean out the feild so it is easy nextime ,  funny somone missed that old ring pull , thats like missing a gold ring in my book  , after the battery went dead on the propointer i moved to the sand lot , and this sand is mineralized so I had to turn down the discrimination levels  to DL 2 and DD to 4 and at that setting all Iron was easy to tell but I still dig some  some notable finds --- a quarter on edge and i hit it the hard way and the bliss sounded off nicly  , also a nickle 12" away from a big metal post  and by the way the nice thing about the bliss is that when close to metal posts if you swing  in the derection of the metal post it will not beep until you reverse direction  this inables me to find things next to posts, wich thing i like ,  If you asked me if I would take back my GT  the answer is no , I like the bliss and I am liking it more,  the Gold pendant looks like gold but I think its junk metal , but look at the tiny things i was able to find . by the way gain was at 1.5

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 Hey Gunnar
     Looks like you had fun and got some good finds. Its funny, your pinpointer went dead and I totaly forgot mine and my find bag today. I went to where I found the mercury dime and dug what I first thought was a 3 inch piece of small pipe. Turns out its a 1920 shakespeare one drop oiler for oiling a fishing reel. I got it on video but want to hunt the same area tomarow to get more footage. I have only found one on the net and it said they are very rare so it may be worth some good $$. It amazes me the neat stuff we dig up. Hope you get out again soon.


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Now that oiler sounds intresting, got to see that ,  yes the pinpointer is a must  without it I cant dig those persision holes in that nice grass,  like you say it would look like a rototiler went thru it , 
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