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Hi Guys,

Its not often i put pen to paper so to speak but this  particular incident worries me.

Whilst out detecting  the other day in Cheshire i noticed this stubble field in the distance had been spread with what looked like a black slurry.Anyway i thought i will have a closer look at this field and i was shocked in fact speechless to what i saw on closer inspection.Shredded Plastic, Aluminum, Fabrics, bottles, alloys etc etc.Basically the field is now ruined for detecting but my worry is the cattle and wildlife etc.I cannot believe a farmer knowingly would allow his fields to be contaminated in this way.There are some videos on youtube "green waste" that show this but embarrassingly for us it has been filmed by an American guy and its a disgusting advert for us in the UK.I feel very strongly about this because not only our hobby will be adversely affected but who the hell wants all this rubbish/ contamination spread on the fields everywhere you go.It will no doubt be ploughed back in (hidden) so the grass or crop wont show this so much but after each plough season this stuff will surface year in year out. It will end up like the local tip!!!!
I personally think money is the motivation for this scandalous action.I wonder if anyone else has seen this where they live.
Am i over reacting? i don't think so because its happening all over the country right now underneath our noses,It may well be too late to stop this countryside abuse,
My fingers are well and truly crossed to have this abuse stopped asap.


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Yes we have some club land in the county durham ruined by spreading of so called green waste on the fields - green waste is supposed to be stuff like grass clippings or possibly domestic or commercial food waste - this would just rot into the ground - but I have seen this 'green' waste contaminated with 1000's of sharp pieces of aluminium scrap and circuit boards which can cause injury to livestock - farmers are not aware the waste is contaminated

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Hear in Isainti county Minnesota, we have compost sites, Whear people can bring thear grass clippings and leaves. it is heeped into a great pile, and it rots and turns black, I have metal detected the piles. and they are full of aluminum cans  gum wrapers, nails and all kinds of metal junk  then its taken for lawns and spread out .  what a night mare.  what we need is a metal detector that can see thru aluminum foil, and nails for gold silver and copper alooys.  our technology is not keeping up with the times.

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Hello Steve,

Welcome to the BLISSTOOLUK users forum

Thank you for bringing this scourge of the country side back up as this subject needs serious a addressing by all concerned in detecting, farming and the welfare of wildlife.

This is a criminal act in my book and is an appalling mess too witness.

Makes you wonder who is behind this, eh!!

I know a good idea lets show ______ what we find and they will happily let us keep these items or take them off us at a very low price and keep it.

Some how I do not think it is all that cut and dry

Well I know what i will do.

Any way regardless who is behind this disgraceful act it has to stop and NOW!!¬


Roger D.

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"Green" waste? I'm with you Daryn, it is criminal. Simply disgusting.


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  Who is to blame ?

DEFRA and Natural England who long term intend to put the country side to grass.

SSSi` are the gateway to HLS with EU money to help them along.

Its a complex subject, but I bet you some think tank came up with this idea many years ago and now its started to happen. Jerry.
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