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When fishing for bass close range into the rocks you have collected you crab from.
what I do is use a dropper for the crab,I wrap the crab (soft or peeled) with thin elastic cotton
around the front of the crab and along it's back,then using the dropper hook 2/3 O drag the hook along the cotton so it gathered together this in turn will hair rig the crab, the crab is now so natural to the bass
and has no hook to feel until it is to late this is an absolute killer in the amongst the rocks.

Regarding weight what I do here is gather a lot of porrous stones (the right size for casting)

I attach this to a length of telephone wire at the base of a swivel, when snagged or strike into a fish
the wire pulls from the stone and all you have left is the bass to reel in with out the worry of your lead dragging and snagging

Tight lines.


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old spark plugs in the rocks .... flatten the electrode down to form a loop, tie on to there with some light line.  does the same as using rocks but more streamlined.

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