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I have not found anything since early spring , been the worst dry spell in a long time , its not the detector , just my spots     Went out to the farm house , that i have hunted so many times,  at 1st i was hunting all metal  gain 0  no disq at all and pulling nails then the owner showed up and gabbed with me for 1/2 hour then i was going to go home but thought hey lets just do a few swings in disq so i cranked the DD to 8.5 and the DL to 5 at 0 gain  started winging over whear i had already searched several times with the bliss and got a hard signal  this time instead of a shot shell out comes a 1918 D$50.00buffalow nickle i was just blown away , just before the owner left i put my magnet in my pocket and pullet it out full of nails and said thats all i found today , then he leavs and i find this cool nickle  the date is completly readable  and had it been the 1918 dubble die it would have been worth 2000.00 it never seen much circulation , as the date is very clear,  until you have dug every nail its not hunted out , it seems every time the plow goes by  somthing goes out ,  but i did ask for divine help from a freind who prayed for me as well 

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hey brother fantastic find congrats.

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Derick , of course i figured why bring the camera, I never find anything,  then i find somthing,

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Info on the Nickel

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Nice one gunnaRman,you digging all the nails out has paid of ,well pleased for you,now go find the yellow ones lol.

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I would not be suprized if a gold coin came out , of this spot , good things hidding in them

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I've got to take my hat of to you yanks for the amount of work you put in to your detecting , then find a coin only a hundred years old but are exstreamly happy with it.think in the Uk we've lost this due to people wanting roman or Saxon all the time.i myself am guilty of this.but still remember how happy I was 20 odd years back finding my first coin.a modern 50 pence piece.ive still got it,and when i see it in the coin box itstill puts a smile on my face,most people get the hump if they found a two hundred year old penny here,shame really.keep up the good work lads. And love the find by the way.

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Nice coin Gunnar

Some Uk detectorist's enjoy coin beeping anywhere


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Nice find on that hord, and the TDI is a great machine.
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