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Hiya Guy's, 

I received an email today from a chap who
bought a used BLISS v3 and wanted some advice for
the salt water wet sand.

"Hi Daryn,
just to let you know how i got on with the settings you gave me for the beach. i did as you said and they worked perfectly. I was able to move from the dry sand to wet sand and even with the coil 2/3 inches under water the machine was very quiet yet still found me coins quit deep.  I am slowly getting to understand the blisstool i have spent 6 hours with it now and really enjoy using it. Next week I will try it on some pastureland - looking forward to it.
Thanks again for your help

Settings given :

GAIN             0.5 - 1.5
TONE             6-8.5    ( 6- 11"COIL  8.5 15"COIL )
MAN G/B        G/R-0    G/F -0
D/D                8-10
D/L                 4-6
VOL                2.5 - 3
FREQ               MAX  ( change if needed)

It does go to show that when used correctly the BLISS works great on the salt water wet sand also. 


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thanks for the advice DARYN,thats another page printed for the fplder.

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I'm heading out on vacation beginning of June and hope to do some Pacific ocean shore hunting.  Have been reading through this thread and picked up enough info that should get me going.

I came across this suggestion on another forum:

Has anyone tried to balance the wet salt sand using just the disc. knob?
Old school nautilus way. Turn off all metal and ground features, set the threshold to barely audible, set disc depth at 6 or 7 then bob the coil up and down while turning the disc. level control to eliminate the response from wet salt water. This works great on a number of single frequency detectors. Just thinking outside the box.

Any comments?

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Hiya Guys,

I am off out Saturday to make a video of how best to use the BLISSon the wet sand.

I will also show you a way to GB on the wet sand and how to GB. On the dry sand.

I will show the settings used for both aspects ( wet and dry sand detecting) which besides manual and auto GBing the settings should be similar.

The idea is to show the BLISS working quietly and stable while finding good deep targets.
So all going well and the odd gold ring and pieces of jewellery show up all will be good .

This will include real time detecting.

This will be the second time for me on the beach with the BLISS and my fifth time all in all, but knowing the BLISS like I do I am very much looking forward to a jtrip to the bea h as I am sure tne BLISS will be deadly.



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Good luck with the beach detecting Daryn,im looking forward to your video,if you can get the Beast to be quiet on wet sand then this machine wwill be a killer.HH.FEN

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