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Hello to all interested in these awesome detectors.

I can now offer a 10 -14 day delivery of our new top end detector BLISSTOOL LYC64X v3 & BLISSTOOL LTC64X. V2i

The hipmount belt and more will be released in the coming weeks/month.

This is due to the fact that the BLISSTOOL TEAM /Manufacturer have completed the factory upgrade and all is now in place to allow for an efficient and reliable customer service/delivery times.:)

This comes with my own BLISSTOOLUK Guarantee for quick service/ repairs without the need to have to send back to Bulgaria. Direct customers only.(please call for details)

You also have the manufacturers 3 year warranty. ( no other manufacturer offers such a long warranty)

All the information regarding using these great detectors is available on this forum.

Every challenge that has been put to the BLISS. be it head to head with other detectors its fabulous discrimination options its recovery speed ,depth of detection, ability to find gold deeper than any of its competitors , price, build and rechargable battery (30 hours per charge/2 hours max for a full charge)
makes the BLISS the best detector on the market to date .

11" DD coil, 15" DD coil. Plus a BLISSTOOL LTC64X v3 all the unbeatable price of £750



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