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My first Gold coin found with the BLISS

Last week on the 11th April I went out to visit some new land that I was given permission to detect.
 On that day I found a Gold Ring that was the first bit of gold I had found with the Bliss.
Anyway that weekend I was invited out on a Sunday Club Dig with my friend Martin, who 
didn't stay long and decided to leave because he couldn't handle the muddy fields, I was sorry to see him go and so the show had to go on, not so long after he left me out on my own I found Gold onces more but this time it was something you dream about finding on a dig, as we all like to find a bit of yellow stuff.
 What I found was a 1842 Full Gold Sovereign Queen Victoria Shield, 7.98 grams of 22ct gold, photographs below and the actual detector that was used, as we all know the Bliss Is King when it comes to Gold. What more can I say.

Seeing is knowing!!!!!!!

And after the cleanup this is how Queen Victoria is looking!!


Attached Images

jpeg 20130414_141019.jpg (1.95 MB, 19 views)
jpeg 20130414_140952_(1).jpg (3.59 MB, 15 views)
jpeg 20130415_175706.jpg (1.46 MB, 20 views)
jpeg 20130415_180046.jpg (1.46 MB, 15 views)


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Well done matey we knew it was coming
you deserved that Hotep.

Now for the big one we talked about

Thank's for posting your lovely goldie, I hope you have a wide angle lense
for the biggie we 're going to find




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I can imagine how your heart beat wildly as the coin came up.... What a find. Congrattulation.

Registered: 19/06/12
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Well dug finding the yellow stuff makes all them bad days u had detecting vanish,keep the run going.HH,FEN.

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Well done, it's a great feeling to find yellow metal.

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Well done Hotep keep it up. Have you heard the song My day will come, im`e still waiting Alan

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Awesome find have yet to have a goldie! Keep it up

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Lovely coin,well done,bet your mate wished he had stayed.

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that is a very nice find in exelent shape. way to crack
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