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Registered: 26/03/12
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This morning I received an email from my manufacturer informing me that I had been awarded Exclusive Distributorship for BLISSTOOLUK which is great new's for all, as I have no intentions of getting the need for greed and will do my best to keep thing's fair all around, but do realise I will be making price changes soon and that is where they will stay once promo offer ends.
I would like to thank everyone who has supported and helped me achieve where I am now, a big special thank you to my two boys for their huge help and support especially with the computer and math's Bob (RJM) for your huge assistance. and grief he has provided me with.LOL. 


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Well Done Daryn. You deserve this deal after all the hassle you've had to endure to promote the product.


Blisstool Supporter
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Nice work Daryn,
Glad things are working out for you long may it continue


Registered: 23/04/12
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Hi Daryn,
               Well done mate,im sure you,ll make a good job of it ,you deserve the deal.
                  Regards Martin.

Registered: 31/03/12
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Congratulations Daryn...

Tony Hunt

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Congratulations Daryn, it did the trick then, (wink), Im pleased for you

Registered: 27/03/12
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Well done Daryn

barron fields

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Registered: 27/03/12
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well done daryn i bet a few dealers are kicking theirselves now and wishing they could turn the clock back lol good enough for the greedy fekers  

Randy Dee

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Congratulations and Thank You for showing such dedication to getting the BLISS established and I have never met anyone who is more worthy of the ultimate appreciation which is being expressed by yours and our honest and friendly forum members, especially after all of the sh*t which you had to endure in the early stages by the know all's but know nowt brigade they hadn't even seen the BLISS but they thought they knew its capabilities from loose tongues.

Good Luck & Thanks

From The Whole Gang

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Registered: 26/03/12
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Thank's guy's,

I am genuinely touched.  

Registered: 09/04/12
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Congratulations Daryn glad to hear you been awarded sole rights to distribute Blisstool metal detectors they could,nt have picked a more geniune bloke good luck my friend

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well done mate...all the best for the future i`m sure you`ll make a great success of it.
just glad i got mine early..

Registered: 14/04/12
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Hi Daryn,
Well deserved mate,your a genuine good guy.Im sure everyone on the forum wishes you all the best.

Registered: 02/04/12
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Well done Daryn, See it all came good in the end mate.....very well done and all the best for the future.

Big thanks also for bringing the Bliss to everyones attention





Registered: 26/03/12
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Well done, Daryn. Your efforts and determination are truly deserving of the sole UK distributorship.

You bought the machine without the aid of videos, etc., used it, and realised it's potential. From your enthusiasm, and doing the videos (which are ALL genuine) I bought the v3. It's the best detector decision I've ever made.

It's been a very interesting journey via the various forums. The highs, lows, frustrations and most importantly a pile of laughs. I wouldn't have missed it for the world.

It's taugh me a bit more about human nature, and I've seen a lot from my previous job as you know!

What's nice is that others have vindicated what you thought of the BLISS and are now enjoying the journey that you started.

The other thing I like is that those who love the BLISS are really nice people who make this forum a joy to look in a few times during the day!

Thanks Daryn (and the boys!).

Also a big thanks to BLISSTOOL for a quality product and putting the detectorist first instead of big fat profits.

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