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Hi been detecting since about 1978 as a twelve year old with a BFO50 which was a real fart in a bottle.
I've been getting back into it again for about three years. First with a Quattro and presently with a E-Trac.
So should be able to handle any noise. just bought a Blisstool from exotic Latvia and waiting for delivery.
How good are they on the beach as that is where I get to mainly and I wanted to be able to get the old stuff. Because I was looking at photos of Whitley Bay beach from 1890 and it was ridiculous how busy it was they were all dressed up, so they must have lost plenty hopefully.

Thanks John.

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Hi John welcome to the forum, Xmas 1979 when I had a cscope 300, dipped in and out of the hobby ever since.

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Welcome Huggybear,

I hope you enjoy our friendly and helpful forum.
Should you have any queries about the BLISS. I am sure you will findsthe answers on here.
Goodluck and you wont turn back once you have learnt theseawesome machines.



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welcome, The blisstool is a fantastic machine and has many different ways to set it up.

On the dry sand you will have no problems at all running the machine and picking up all the targets. If the wet sand is well drained, so just damp again the blisstool will find the targets. On the proper wet stuff it gets very noisy and for most is unusable. Have a look at my early attempts on the beach with the detector.
Best advice is really stay off the real wet stuff, keep the head level and steady on the semi wet and just swing away on the dry [biggrin] Above all just enjoy the machine and look through some of the old posts as they will answer your questions.[smile]


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Am really happy because some other forums ignore newbies and its those who need the help. So thanks for the reply. It seems like a friendly forum, thanks again.


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Hi john, Welcome to the forum mate. Its great that someone so close to me is getting the bliss. I live in Walker just a mile from you. When you reccieve it let us know how you get on. Dave
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