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Now dont get to think i am knoking the bliss , not at all  I have a nail infested spot and i am purposly digging all nails and iron to unmask good targets  after digging a small 4x4 ft spot i got two Items that no detector heard before one has numbers from 1 thru 12 and the other is a shoe rivit,  and the bliss is working so well  no chater or anything and its going deep  i could tell almost all where nails exept when i put the magnet down and the Item would not stick to the magnet  then i knew it was somthing els for sure  but it did make a round signal no dubble beep , I do notice the bliss is easy to swing , ohh and keep in mind thear is 3" of pine needles on top and i got some of the nails at 9" and 10" deep 

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