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Registered: 30/12/12
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Hi guys.
I just sold my Deus, is was parked some months ago, and our season it starting now, so I toke the step to a Etrac like many of you Bliss owners got. I only had the Etrac 10 hours, and need to learn a lot more, but so fare I been at my test field, with full open screen, and It could get some of Very deep coins, but offcause NOT like my Bliss. (No Big news to that).
We got so many different sites to go over this season, and now I feel safe with a Blisstool and a Etrac, I didn't
before with a surface hunter as the Deus is. My Vista Gold disappointed me last week end, but it had been a good Beach hunter this winter, so that I will keep to the very trashy sites. (Time will tell what happens).
Saturday dig with some good Friends in the South, and Hopefully some good finds to post, found with my Bliss...


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Good luck with your tecting this week end Henrikas, i also run a deus along side my bliss.i would,nt exactly say its " a surface skimmer ".....using mine in low frequency on deep pasture i found a german soldiers I.D tag at about 14 inches, and on a club dig i witnessed a member pull a henry v111 groat at nearly a foot depth both of us using the standard coil....I,ve got to admit though like yourself i,ve been tempted to trade it for an e trac, i think it would suit my style of detecting better i.e the low n slow approach....

Registered: 30/12/12
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I think you are right Barrylee, I allso found some few deep target with the Deus, but it was more rarely than often, and Allways with a bad or none ID at the display, and If you try to press the deus with reaction 1 and sens.up to 95-99, even in 12 khz, its not deep as the Etrac, but close I admits.
happy hunting to you all.

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Hi guys.
Did you test your Etrac on Gold !
I just tryed and it can't see some Gold Items.

The link is made on a IPad.. If some one would help to make this possible to PC users please.


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Hi Henrik i think the the problem with the etrac is that because gold reads very close to iron and even with an open screen the etrac is not running in true all metal mode it is actually still discriminating ,Wheras the tesoro you tested has a much better discrination circuit and allows a finer tuning on the discrimination allowing more through (ie less discrination )with a low setting .
I have found a small 9ct gold heart locket and a nice gold bracelet with my etrac so cant complain,
have you done a similar gold test with the bliss.

regards gordon


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There is no way to view iPad images on a PC.  That being said, you can import from your iPad to a pc.


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Thanks guys.
Yes Gordon I did, and it was much better than the Etrac. I didn't made a utube on that, because someone out there could turn it against the Bliss, I dont like that.
Gold is difficult, we all know that, but a Detector with NO respons from a Gold chain or a Gold cross which cost 1100 £, is not good.
Daryn made a Utube with a Golden Stater way down. Thats underlines how good the Bliss are at Gold.

Ps. Here is another utube with a Etrac and a Gold cross. Link.

This came from a norweigen guy, in the Danish forum :
Well, I do not know how many times I have suggested that FBS technology is not as good at finding low conductivity. I've almost been at war on minelabowners because of this. They find gold coins and small but they will be of little mass. FBS struggling greatly with small gold and you also notice this very small thin silver coins.

Registered: 30/12/12
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I know this is not a Etrac forum, but Maybee this could help some Bliss owners with the backup Detector.

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The gold coin I had came through loud & clear so no problem for the bliss. Another interesting find was a ring shaped piece that was broken so the ring was not complete, some of my previous detectors struggled to get a signal when the loop is broken.
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