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celtic coog

Registered: 14/04/12
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i would just like to say thankyou to daz for his advice on the blisstool i am more than happy to announce a new member of my family v2i named (buster) came in the post today i think we are going to get along just fine i did a little test on the grass infront of my house this afternoon could not wait to get home from work to try it as most of you know i been useing the minelab xs for 13years and trust me i know the xs inside out and made some great finds with it i dug an hole and put a john hammie penny in and kept going down until the xs wouldnot pick it up then put the bliss over it my god wat a blast i went on to dig a spade more of earth out of that hole and the bliss still got it im gobsmacked anyone want to buy an xs


Registered: 30/03/12
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Sounds like a good test, good job you didn't get the v3 then otherwise you would need a new spade as well  


Forum Moderator
Registered: 26/03/12
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Hello Celtic Coog,
  I told you it would impress you, and I am glad it's worked out that way.
  and there is loads more on offer, I know of someone who buried a hammered groat
  20" down and still got a signal with the V3 standard coil, so I reckon your v2i would not be far behind that and with the 15" coil would get a signal from down there.

                        Happy hunting!!

Registered: 22/04/12
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Thats excellent, ive been running an explorer II since they were first launched and have just ordered a Blisstool V3 to try for extra depth on those sites which no longer produce decent signals. just waiting for it to arrive


Blisstool Supporter
Registered: 01/04/12
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Celtic Coog,
Glad you got your Bliss and its doing "what it says on the tin"  Just waiting for mine to arrive any day now

Registered: 14/04/12
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Hi Celtic Coog,
                     Thats sounds great,you must be very impressed so far.
Have just ordered a v3 today and i am sure it will deliver those hammereds we all like to find.All the best with your new machine.
celtic coog

Registered: 14/04/12
Posts: 39
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thanks for the best wishes guys but it early days yet im not going to run before i can walk theres alot to learn yet rome wasnot built in a day but im sure i can get to grips with it regards phil

Registered: 27/03/12
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Hiya Phil

I'm sure you and Buster will have a long and happy relationship if your initial findings are anything to go by

Great stuff, looking forwards to hearing more of your adventures mate 


Registered: 26/03/12
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Hi Phil

I'm glad the BLISS has made a good first impression on you. You didn't say what depth the xs conked out at!

I think you'll like the simplicity of the audio side of it, and setting it up becomes easier and easier as you use it more and more.

If you need any help, give me a ring.


celtic coog

Registered: 14/04/12
Posts: 39
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just for bob i went back out to the front grass today with my tape in hand redug the same hole put the john penny in got the penny at 7 incs with the xs in full flow no more which is not bad in all fareness any more than that the target just went to iron signal
i redug the hole and got the penny out and went down to 12 incs the bliss v2i had no probs at this depth thats not far off twice the depth but did fade out a bit after that but a ive only just turned it on i dare say when i get to terms with the v2i i will get it deeper than that
(ps bob the things i do for you lol )

Registered: 26/03/12
Posts: 889
Posted 02/05/12 Reply with quote  #11 

Nice one, Phil !

A few weeks ago, on difficult ground we buried a silver 6d at a measured 10".  This BLISS v3 picked it up on 0 Gain whilst a GMP (in normal detecting settings) gave a spitty sound!

A good learning idea is to bury a coin and see what depth your machine will get on 0 gain, and the increase the Gain 1 step at a time and see how far above the ground you get.

This gives you confidence to use the machine on lower gain levels when the ground dictates this is all you can use. Users get it in their head that they need 'higher' Gain levels to get 'some depth'........which isn't the case!

The Gain is the amplification of the returned signal. In other words, it doesn't boost the signal into the ground! It just amplifies the signal that is sent back........so if the ground is bad then the higher gain will amplify this signal making it 'busy'.

As Daryn says "it's headlights in the fog syndrome!"

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