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Rainy cloudy day, had no intention of going out today but needed the fresh air, so I walked down the road onto the same plowed fields I had 3 hammered on next week. Tried a new field for a change as I had been field walking last week and found loads of old lead and medieval low grade pottery.

After only an hour picked up a few bits including a Henry VII minted in Cantebury, an interesting 1700's copper coin weight made for measuring Portuguese gold coins and two Viccy coppers.

Field is loaded with very old rubbish, pottery is literally showing up every two metres, great hopes for this field!

Looked up the coin weight as this was near to a trade site and international port:
A Portuguese gold coin principally the 4 crusado piece struck in large qualtities from 1663 to the 1720's. Multiples of 2½ and 5 moidore were also issued. After the discovery of gold in Brazil (a Portuguese colony until 1822) the Bahia and Rio mints issued even greater amounts of these coins until the 1770's. The word 'moidore' is a contraction of moeda de ouro or literally 'money of gold'. The design on these coins is the crowned Arms of Portugal on the obverse and the distinctive Cross of Jerusalem on the reverse. Under the universal name of moidore it became the most commonly traded coin in the New World and was internationally the principal gold coin of the 18th century.

The earliest coinweights usually just have the word MOIDORE or a contraction of it on one side and the Cross of Jerusalem on the other. On some of the later weights the reverse legend of the coin is also used - IN HOC SIGNO VINCES - some of these are dated 1746-48. The value of 27 shillings is also shown on the later weights (in script probably from the 1770's) - 13s 6d for the half moidore and 6s 9d for the quarter moidore. Weights are not so commonly shown but are 6dwt 22¼gr for the unit - 3dwt 11gr for the half and 1dwt 17gr for the quarter.

Randy Dee

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Well done some cracking finds.

Good Hunting.

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Thanks Bignellie 

cracking finds and thank you for keeping the finds coming , I am sure we all
enjoy your feedback,

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