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It is known that cancers can flourish in acidic bodies
and really struggles to survive in Alkaline bodies,so why
is our tap waters ph set at 5 which is quite acidic (make sure you drink 3 litres a day!)

Why do they not set the ph at say 10 which would be more alkaline and in turn a lot less
hospitable to cancers and a lot healthier for us!!!

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Not sure if its a conspiracy mate, ours in North Devon is @7.0 maybe a tad below. What does seem little bit odd is that there is as you have said, mounting evidence that cancer cannot survive in an alkaline environment but I suppose as long as pharmaceutical companies sponsor almost every aspect of medical learning and practice it is not going to change any time soon. Modern medicine is based almost entirely on the works of Louis Pasteur, who had a rival called Antoine Béchamp who argued that the toxic enviroment of the body was more important than the pathogen itself and the enviroment was controlled primarily by the bodys PH level. One of the last things Pasteur said before he died was that he thought Béchamp was probably right, which is a bit like Einstein saying on his deathbed that he didnt think he had got it right at all, referring to e=mc2 which is a bit of a pisser when you think that a big bit of modern physics is based. on it!! Now where did I leave my spinach and brocolli smoothie, Yum.  If there is a conspiracy I think it is a cosmic one and which of the immortals made biscuits & cakes, which taste nice, evil and spinach and brocolli and every other green food which tastes disgusting good for you?. Whats that about?


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Hi Guys.
As I was told, that the tap waters is coming from the ground... In some area this water got a ph at 5, and in other area more or less.
I think It is difficult to change the ph, and that is the reason.
Much worse is it with meat ! I don't now how many time a week we are eating meat, but it is to many. The farmers are using to much drugs and antibiotics, and all this poison they are using to get a long idurability dates. This isn't good for the long term Healt.
Eat fish If you can find some without to much poison, coming from the big factorys and the farmers close to the sea...

It is not a easy World guys.... Only one thing is free and will help you to keep the cancer away, " it is a smile".
Happyness and a smile is connected to the endorphins triggered by the brain, and thats a good drug to keep all disease away.
A Chinese proverb said that you be so sweet inside, that you don't need sugar to sweetner your tea.
Take care and enjoy.



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