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I had been using the large coil on the Bliss,and had been having problems gb'ing with it.
I spoke to Daryn the other day,and he suggested I swapped to the smaller coil.
I took his advice,and popped out this afternoon,for 4 hours to have a play about.The field I went to is one I have searched thoroughly with an ETrac,and Deus large coil combo.It has got to the stage where I don't get a diggable signal with the Deus.
I ran the bliss at gain4,sens4.It gb'd like a dream.
I started picking the deeper non ferrous signals up,watchwinder,muskey balls,tombacs etc.I got a banging signal and dug the Richard 11 halfpenny.That was me happy for the day.Anyway walking around in the warm sunshine with that warm hammy glow inside,PATPAT banging signal.First spadeful out.....nothing,went down another half spadeful,winkled around with the pro pointer,and exposed a golden milled edge.I didn't get to excited,lol I've dug Pesetas etc before with that edge lol.
Picked it out of the dirt,My first Blisstool gold!!!
All in all a thoroughly enjoyable afternoon.

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This is some nice reading... Whau. Just the way to do it.

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Nice tale Hammyman,it just goes to show with a Blisstool in the right hands that a field is never finished giving up its goodies nice finds .HH.FEN.

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Hammyman nice one 

Great post and excellent results

Lovely goldie and lovely hammered keep it going.



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Well done mate. It would appear the Bliss is loving the gold.
Randy Dee

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Well done two cracking coins.

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Well done Hammyman, a hammered is always welcome,but to top it of with gold is just great.


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Nice finds

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Cheers lads.

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Nice pics, really great finds. Well done!

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Lovely stuff Hammyman,great pics.
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