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  • MADE it out to the farm feild this morning , found a nice bare patch,  my settings 2.5 gain-  ground balance or 4.5 as oposed to the 8.5 of the sand hill , then a DD of 8 and a DL of 4 and disc toggle 1 with the threshold set at just past 6  let me tell you this thing was running so smooth breaking on all nails and Iron , I found what seemd to be bigger Iron , because when i lift the coil it gives a soft sound high off the ground so I dug those - ONE IRON BUCKLE  and ONE CHAINE   but i got a beutifull clear dense signal and it turn out to be some THICK COPPER WIRE  very pleased with this machine ,  now that i have had some time to use it and figure it out a bit it is working so nice , by the way the feild is not full of Iron  the way bone hill is  so I dont dig the nails  in the corn feild like i do on the sand hill 

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  Hey Gunnar 
        Good finds and the corn looks great.
Florida Beach Bum

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Hey GunnerMN. Great finds. I'm also finding that the more I use my Bliss the better the finds.
Florida Beach Bum
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