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iv been following the exploits of the bliss over the past year after popping over to see randy dee to have a good look over his machine.last week I decided I needed a demo of this detector so I pm,d randy to ask him if he could come out with me and let me see this machine in action.unfortunetly randys been having back problems but he very kindly put me in touch with paddywack off this forum.fen kindly agreed to come out and demo the machine but I,d made my mind up to get one , which iv managed to do so last Saturday fen and I went out with two bliss machines to play with.needless to say everything went smoothly and I,m delighted with my new machine, I,d just like to say a big thank you to two smashing blokes that have taken the time to help me out and show me how to go on with this excellent machine. thanks again lads.

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Many thanks for the kind words Pete.I enjoyed the day,the more time you spend using the Bliss the more you will enjoy using it,keep at it mate.HH.FEN
Randy Dee

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Hello Pete

I know you will love the Bliss and I am very pleased that you have got the hang of it very quickly.
It does not rain but it pours I have now got more problems my bloody left knee has gone really wonky I have had arthritis in both knees and hips for years and I have managed to tolerate and get by but last night I went to my local for a couple of beers and had to hop my way home on my right leg any body watching me would have thought I wasn't wired up right, any way back on the pill bottle now.
Good hunting Pete I can assure you Fen is full of good information and if you have any problems give me a call.

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