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I found this video on youtube of a guy who found 2 gold caches on a propety. At first I thought "Very Cool" he made a find of a life time. But after watching it again I am not sure. The jar of coins he found looks to be a screw cap jar. Also there are a few things though out the video that also leave me with questions. What do you think? I want to believe it to be a find of a life time. But???

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Seems to good to be true to me but what do I know 

Why would gold coins be packed in a glass jar with together with soil - I would wrap them in calico or something similar.
If they were packed into the jar so tightly why do the coins not have a few crumbs of soil sticking to them?
I don't know when screw-top jars came in but that does not worry me - the coins were not necessarily buried soon after minting.



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Screw cap jars were first patented in Philadelphia in 1858. I haven't looked at the video yet but putting valuables into a glass jar is not an unusual method of containing items for the purpose of hiding valuables.

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Now I have looked at the video. This guy needs some tuition on careful digging! Using a pick hammer doesn't seem too careful to me and definitely risks damaging the finds.
Just because a screw top jar was used as a container doesn't necessarily mean that the screw cap was used! Ancient hoards found in pots were often capped with a plate or maybe a piece of metal which could easily be displaced or broken, thus allowing soil to enter the container.

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Looks like a fake to me - those coins are in pre-disturbed soil, and with no adherent earth - they even clink in a rather tinny way, ?reproductions.


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Crap.. Obvious fake.

This is a copy off another forum on visiting a previously found hoard in a museum.

[ I went up and saw part of the hoard when it was on display at Birmingham Museum just after it was first found. Queued up for 3 hours to get to the first display case. At the time it was worth every minute of the wait. Absolutely stunning craftsmanship. I think if I were to find a hoard like that it would take me a month to stop shaking with excitement. Just think of it and dream hey! ]


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I felt the same about the video but hoped I was being critical. If I found something like that I would have been dancing around like a loon.

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as fake as our lasses orgasams

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Yeh deffo a fake.

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The only genuine Bounty was the Detector.  Jerry.

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Hello Derek,

This guy is a total fake,from the disturbed soil to the nice clean "digging hands" that's
before we get to the jar and the conveniently placed iron spike, please some people eh!

Merry Christmas to you and your good wife my friend and a Happy New Year.

Speak soon.


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