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Been looking for a new finds pouch for the last couple of weeks,and to be honest think most are not up to much,most are just of Aprine type that are flat and don't hold to much,I've gone with the new garrett cammo type,even tho its Aprine type it's larger than normal,so can fit my small flask , and my pie and chocolate bar.( which are a must for me as I don't like to stop back at the van half way through.)it's got a strap piece across the front for fitting the probe holster,so hopefully it'll cover all angles.must admit sun-ray do a leather one that's 175 dollers with 80 dollers delivery.its got every thing I'm looking for in a pouch , it's polished leather and really well made just like a horse saddle.but it'll get ruined to quick here in the UK with the mud ect.and think people might start calling me tex .lol.what pouch do you use and dos it cover your needs.

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i use 2 pouches,the type builders use,with hammer loop and various little openings for bits and bobs.

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I have never like wearing a "sporran" that gets heavier as the day progresses! I did try them out years ago and found the fabric ones wear out quickly and the leather or tool pouches are excessively heavy, and if you move quickly they will tend to give you a quick vasectomy or kick in the cobblers! No thanks!
I use a shooting type waistcoat (or as the Americans would say - a vest) bought from the Army Navy surplus. It has lots of pockets and in the bottom left hand front pocket I put a plastic bag and that's where the ordinary finds go. Delicate stuff like many hammered go in a small plastic box in a different pocket. The other bottom pocket takes my Garrett probe - not sure if the millionaires probe is the same length. If you are a left hander you would probably swap those over.
I don't like the probe holsters either - too many reports of people losing the probe somewhere on the hundred acres from a holster.
The old git has spoken!

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Same as Norfolkngood basically. I use a fly fishing vest made by Columbia. Two layers zipped pockets left for goodies and two on right for trash. Other pockets for magnifying glass and finds toothbrush etc. large zipped poachers pocket at the rear across back  with plenty of room for small flask & sandwiches etc. Rugged but strong, a plastic bag for trash inside relevant pocket. For those on Parkland who need to spread a tarp fo temporaryr soil spill? The poachers pocket can hold one.

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I use one of my old fly fishing jackets also.

Perfect for everything and no need for a back pack for your grub.

Nice light and plenty of storage.
Poachers pocket carries my gortex jacket and small piece of tarp[smile]

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