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The power of BLISSTOOL LTC metal detectors due to the unique set of purposefully developed technologies called SBD (S.B.D. = SuperB Depth = Super BLISSTOOL Depth). 
SBD is created from BLISSTOOL specifically for this purpose. SBD is constantly developed in the previous models from BLISSTOOL LTC series, but in LTC64X it is available for the first time in fully completed complex form. Its results are visible: extreme depth discriminating all-terrain metal detector, ie SBD implemented the LTC concept in practice.
 The SBD set of technologies covers all parts of the BLISSTOOL LTC metal detector and turns it into a complete whole with superb parameters. Leading in the SBD is to achieve a superb depth of detection. Everything is subordinate to that, particularly in the early LTC models. 
In the newest and best LTC model, ie in LTC64X is built the first fully completed complex form of SBD, which provides superb rank not only for the depth of detection, but also for the discrimination and the universality of the metal detector => SBD = S.B.D. = SuperB Detector = Super BLISSTOOL Detector.
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