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Just set it up turned everything to minimum accept DL and DD which I left as I would in field settings. It seems as deep in minimum as most machines would be at maximum. Cant wait for the weekend let you know how it goes lads. And Daryn was right it did come even though people try,ed to poo poo Blisstool and say you wont get it. Thanks Daryn .

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Congrats Jethro. Have fun

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Nice one mate I know you'll have it sussed in no time. look forward to your results

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cant wait to see how you get on with it 

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Well done bro. Its important when you first use these machines not to try to set them up as you would other detectors. Just follow the basic guides and you won't go far wrong, if at all.

If I may suggest you take some items to help you familiarise yourself. Takes a lot of grief out of finding your feet with her.

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Alright Lads could,nt resist going out for a test about 3 hours in some local woods not far from my house. Its been well bashed in the 70s and 80s and some times I pop up there if I'm bored. Anyway the last time I went there all I got was 22 air gun pellets and modern junk, so I thought its a worth a go. Well unreal nothing any good but depth I could not believe. I was getting shot gun cases at between 12 and 17 inches deep, and the air gun pellets sound like old penny,s when you go over them. Non of the weak signals just Bang! Bang!. I did manage to get a George 3rd half penny it was in a bad state but the depth unreal. I had to dig right down through the top soil down into the gravel which was iron stained and I began to think its iron. Anyway when it came out I could not believe my eyes, I thought unreal. I cant wait to get to on one of my worked out fields now to give it a proper test as these I have in mind have not been plowed since the 40s. Roman coins here I come. 

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thats sounding very promising to be getting good depth straight from the off - keep up the good work
Randy Dee

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Hello Jethro

Pleased that you have now got your BLISS and good luck, take a box of Elastoplast with you when you first go out with it for the blisters on your digging hand.


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Well Bill I did,nt have any problems at minimum gain so I ended up with it up on 2 with DL on 5 and DD on 4. I could hear all the iron coming through and only dug 1 piece. If anyone has used the old Tesoro sabers you should have no probs understanding the signals. Best of luck bud. 

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No probs Randy Iv got a posting spade cut down and some foot pegs welded on. Its just the job 

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Hi Jethro, 

i'm sure you'll master the v3 in a very short time,your first outing seems very promising the sensitivity and depth sound really impressive.I know what you mean about the silver saber's 
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